From Planning Mill, to Furniture Factory, to Ruins Park

Ruins Park is the re-purposed ruins of the historic Enterprise Manufacturing Company’s warehouse and the surrounding park-like area located adjacent to the Glen Rock Mill Inn in downtown Glen Rock, PA.

Over the years the historic warehouse deteriorated into a concrete shell. The space became a magnet for disreputable behavior and vandalism until 2013 when the ruins were transformed overnight with the help of volunteers and the inaugural Live Arts Festival. The Live Arts Festival harnessed the power of creativity, music and art to convert the space into a venue space that can now be used for a variety of community events. Thanks to the combined vision of Terry Steyer, owner of the Glen Rock Mill Inn and Byron Banghart, creative director and founder of the Live Arts Festival, Ruins Park is now a family-friendly event venue and a great asset to the community of Glen Rock, PA.

Upcoming Events


Grass Fed: Folk Art & Bluegrass Festival

Saturday, Ruins Park

Glen Rock Farmers Market - Harvest Celebration

Sunday, Ruins Park